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Thirty years after first devouring Lloyd Alexander's Prydain books, I'm rereading them to see if the magic is still there. If you've arrived at this blog because you loved Prydain as a kid, I hope you’ll enjoy the chance to revisit it along with me. To read the recaps in order, start here: "The Book of Three," Chapter 1

Monday, August 29, 2016

Three Down, Two to Go!

Last year, I started recapping Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain series chapter by chapter, as a way to indulge my fandom and remember what it was like when I read the books for the first time. So far, I've made it through three books in the series (if you’d like to re-experience them in order along with me, click the links below to go to chapter 1 of each book, then click Next Post to advance to the next chapter). New readers, be warned – my childlike joy at revisiting these books is tempered with a fair amount of grown-up cynicism! Feel free to take me to task in the comments, but please know that I snark with love.
Since I started this recap project, to my utter surprise and excitement, Disney has announced plans to make a live-action Prydain movie! If you’re as breathless with anticipation as I am and feel like the film can’t come soon enough, here are a few awesome sites put together by other Prydain fans to tide you over:
Do you have a Prydain fan site, or did I miss your favorite one? Post a link in the comments below, or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter! I’ll be taking a short hiatus before coming back to recap book 4, Taran Wanderer. Exciting things are afoot, so I encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter for the latest updates!

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