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Thirty years after first devouring Lloyd Alexander's Prydain books, I'm rereading them to see if the magic is still there. If you've arrived at this blog because you loved Prydain as a kid, I hope you’ll enjoy the chance to revisit it along with me. To read the recaps in order, start here: "The Book of Three," Chapter 1

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Words, words, words…

One of the great lines in “Hamlet” is Hamlet’s response to Polonius’ question “What do you read, my lord?”

I have heard this line read variously with haunted melancholy or with goofy broad humor, depending on who is doing the interpreting. How you read it on the page depends on what you bring to the text.

I love words – reading them, writing them – and how they can feel different depending on the day or your mood when you encounter them. Starting this blog is my attempt to start producing and consuming more words on a regular basis. My posts will be centered around what I’m reading and writing, now and in the future. Like Hamlet, they may be funny sometimes and sad sometimes, but hopefully they’ll be entertaining and ultimately at least a little uplifting.

For now, I’ll leave you with Kenneth Branagh’s extremely scenery-chewing interpretation of the line reading. Seriously, was he just playing himself as Gilderoy Lockhart or what?

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